Canoe and Kayak the Little River - River Johns Outfitters near Townsend, Tennessee


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An Exciting River Experience for Any Age or Age Group!

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Our Season

Each year, we are open starting in May through the end of October.


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The Island
River John's River Island is approximately 3 and 1/3 acres in size. The River Island is surrounded by the waters of the Little River with two bridges to access by. One bridge is a walking bridge and the other is for vehicles to cross onto the island. River Island is covered with plenty of trees for shade and open areas for the enjoyment of sports.

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Island Shelter
A large opened and covered shelter is the focal point for group gatherings. This covered pavilion is 30' X 20' and can be utilized by campers as a meeting place, a place to dance or play cards

Electrical outlets are provided at the pavilion for the charging of your cell phones, playing a stereo or even watching television. This is provided as a convenience for our patrons who bring small appliances and not to be used to power heavier appliances requiring heavy wattage. 
There is a designated area set aside for campfires. Please inquire as to the location prior to setting up camp or starting a campfire. If you wish to place tents near a campfire please pitch the tents at least 20 feet back from the campfire area.
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An Exciting River Experience for Any Age or Age Group!