Canoe the Little River - River Johns Outfitters near Townsend Tennessee


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An Exciting River Experience for Any Age or Age Group!

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Please Take Notice

River John's DOES NOT rent tubes, only canoes.
We do not encourage the use of tubes at River Johns and if they are used by your children please supervise them closely. If they float pass the island they will be in faster water and access down river is practically nil! Use Caution.


Canoe & Kayak Rental Fees
The rental fee of a canoe or a kayak $40
Shuttle $20 if you have your own canoe or kayak


Work, work, work...
yea right! Work is not what you came here to do so why not turn those cell phones off and chuck them in the glove compartment. There IS more to life than being tied to the cares and problems of this world 365 days a year. If your coming here to be miserable because you can't face the day without all the gadgets man has devised then you probably need to go somewhere else, or stay home. This place demands you have some fun.


Our Canoe Season

Starting in May of each year and running through the end of October we are open for your enjoyment 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


Group Pricing
We have many packages available. They range from one person to groups of a hundred or more. Please contact River John and give John the details on your group's planned outing.


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